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Digital Daydreams


Welcome to the future… where dreams and desires are stolen and sold to the highest bidder for cold hard cash. Where the memory of a lost love that once fulfilled the life of Lester and Angela, a young couple, has been swept away by a sleazy multimillionaire record executive who is also neck deep in the underground world of software piracy. Follow the steamy trail of fiery passion and unbridled sin as Angela is drawn deep into the realm of a pop star, where the daily diet of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll have turned this innocent young girl into a raging nymphomaniac, a sexual predator whose lust for flesh and fantasy is never satisfied, From the orgasmic three way sex parties, to the scorching hot lesbian encounters, our young lovers are spiraling downward into this digital daydream… and their young lives will never be the same.

Release Year: 2004
Studio: Sin City