One Night Only


One Night Only. It is already in the afternoon and Alyssa Reece and Amirah Adara are chilling out in the living room talking about life. The former opens up and is enjoying the city of Tenerife and her stay with Amirahs pad. Besides the chill culture, she also loves that most of the people are free and liberated and in love with sex. The brunette beauty agrees that is why she is staying here. This naughty Alyssa opens up about a new guy that she likes a lot. His name is Chad and fortunately for her, Amirah knows him very well. The latter is, of course, planning something that will definitely surprise Chad and Alyssa.. The two go to Chads room and are definitely surprise seeing the two barging his privacy. He is only wearing his shirt and only his briefs. Both these naughty chicks cant help but notice his big bulge wanted to peek out. Amirah Adara reveals that Alyssa Reece likes him and you can see how embarrassed she is with that reveal. You can see on her pretty face that she is blushing but her antics become flirtatious as soon as Amirah reveals her small tits and her sexy body. She even shows Alyssas nice booty and that makes Chad reveals his big dick which makes both of these whores turned on.. Amirah Adara even bites Alyssa Reeces butt cheeks before she gets him all naked. Alyssa bends over her body to present both of her tight, luscious holes and started to taste them making her moan for a bit. After Chads cock reveal, the two started to make out before Alyssa Reece proceeds on that big cock. It looks like she is really hungry for Chads cock. She didnt waste any time as she. immediately grabbed it and suck it as deep as she can. Amirah Adara would love to join but she let the two of her friends enjoy the moment. Alyssa is still going hard and sloppy on that cock with her. talented tongue and her mouth.. With few minutes of Alyssas sloppy blowjob, she couldnt wait to fill her pussyhole with that schlong. She sits on Chads big cock in the cowgirl style position. In this position, you will enjoy seeing her perky titties as well as her sexy naked body pumping up and down. Her hips are busy and enjoy seeing her lovely shaped butt on display in front of the camera. You can hear her pussy juices, as well as her dripping wet pussy, is super wet as she got multi-orgasmic all of a sudden. You can hear her evidently with her loud moans all over Chads room.. Alyssa Reece loves dirty talking especially if she likes the guy and his cock. She instructed Chad to fuck her in a rough way in reverse cowgirl. She requested to slap and grab her ass as hard as he. can. This sexy chick kept grinding and grinding on top of him before getting that big cock in dogstyle position. This time Chad screw her tight, wet pussy as fast and hard as he can making Alyssas moans turns into screams. This gorgeous sex nympho is so loud we are sure the neighbors can hear her at the neighborhood. She didnt care anyway and didnt mind at all as long as she can get her cock fix and her orgasms.. As she devour that cock in dogstyle and the camera position itself in closeup of her ass. She got the booty that everyone will love and she deserves a cumshot right into her butt. Watch Chad as he cums and starts spraying it into her lovely butt. They finish their one-night stand with a big smile on their faces..

Release Year: 2021
Studio: Only3x