Doctor Adventures 8


Doctor Adventures Vol. 8

“Dick Rush”: Johnny has had a boner for 3 days and can’t get rid of it. When he is rushed to the hospital, Dr. Ferrera and Nurse West know just how to help him.

“That’s How We Treat Volunteers”: Dr. Katie sure knows how to treat her volunteers during an interview with Charles; she doesn’t hesitate to give him a full medical check-up.

“Cock Switch”: While waiting for his surgery, Johnny hears a patient being prepped for a penis enlargement. He switches the charts so he can be the lucky one.

“Fuck the Depression Away”: Sophie is in the hospital for depression and Keiran is in for blue balls. When Keiran sees Sophie giving herself a rubdown, he realizes he is cured.

“She Cums To Him”: Johnny is in the hospital with a broken foot and cant film his sex scene with Monique. Her agent finds a way to arrange for her to come to his room to shoot their scene!

Added on: November 30, 2017