Natural Wonders Of The World 32


You know what that means. All natural DD’s, no additives or preservatives except their recommended daily allowance of jizz. Cookies that are double stuffed. Basically all the things that make life worth living. You’re among friends here, my brother. We are all just guys who like women with big tits and who like seeing them do really nasty things. Those politically correct men who preach about exploitation and debasement, well, they just don’t have the balls to say what they think, plus they are also fags. Loving big boobs is an All-American chromosome, like sports, and hatred of taxes. Anyone who says different, well, fuck ’em. Who needs them because what we need are the things that Roy Alexandre gives us. What are those? Look below. NW 4: Four busty Euro-babes, with their boobs a flying, getting their groove on and taking it DEEEP!! It’s a guy thing.

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Added on: September 20, 2017